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Three drives pattern featured

Three Drives Pattern Trading (Updated)

It’s not common, but if you spot a three drives pattern, you’ve got a golden trading opportunity. If you searched google for the three drives pattern, probably you noticed that most guides are trivial. They provide little coverage of this formation. And little in-depth information on...

forex trade setups

How to Spot Trend Reversal in Forex

Introduction Identifying a trend reversal in Forex is not an easy task, and will never be false proof. However, following a consistent process to identify trend reversals should lead to good results. Before outlining the methods, let’s have a very quick intro on trends. (Or you can refer to my...

trend following strategy

Forex Trend Following Strategy to Swing Trade Like a Pro

I would like to invite you on a special journey in the chart and in-between candlesticks. I will do my best to make the ride enjoyable. I will discuss a discretionary trend following strategy that makes use of swing trading as well. But wait, before you jump into the ride, let me tell you that you...

reversal candlestick patterns

Top 10 Forex Reversal Candles

Not all forex reversal candle patterns are created equal. Some of them are more telling than others. And can give clearer meaning to what the price is doing. That’s why using Reversal candlestick patterns in Forex (correctly) can have a positive impact on your trading performance. It’s...

Trading advice

Forex Trading Advice: 11 Life-Saving Things to Consider

Suggesting Forex trading advice on how you approach the trading experience is tricky. It might be useful and might not. This is because every individual has different personality traits. Some might be risk-takers, while others are conservative. Some could have strong mental stress absorption, while...